The international REPAIR 2021 symposium and the Quality and Testing in Building Construction conference have been cancelled.

The stance of the SSBK board of directors on this year's REPAIR symposium can be found below. This stance is also shared by the organisers of the Testing and Quality in Building Construction Conference.

Dear colleagues,
Dear business friends,
Dear guests,

Due to the continuing pandemic situation, which restricts the possibilities of free travel and assembly, we have decided to cancel the international symposium REPAIR, which was scheduled for September 2021.

We are aware that nothing is more important than the health of us all and that we have to protect it. The restrictions associated with preventing the spread of the disease unfortunately have a significant impact on both the ability to gather and to travel freely both domestically and throughout Europe.

This year, as part of an international symposium, we wanted to present you with the latest knowledge in the field of concrete structure repairs like we always do. The prepared contributions covered the entire scope of the remediation process, from the preparatory work and diagnostics through the course and implementation of the repairs to new repair materials and progressive technological procedures. At the same time, we wanted to present to you the visions and goals of the European Association for Construction Repair, Reinforcement and Protection (ACRP), which we have founded together with our European colleagues.

Unfortunately, the current situation does not allow us to hold an international symposium to the extent and with the staff we have planned. Please accept our apologies.

We hope to meet with you soon at some of the other upcoming events.

With respect,

Aleš Jakubík
Concrete Structures Repair Association